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What was he thinking?

[heading centered=”no” margin_bottom=”no” large=”no” background=”yes”]What Was He Thinking?[/heading] Just as I was opening a bottle of wine, the phone rang. “Hello” I answered. “Hey Ade,” a voice responded at the other end, “How’s it going?” It was my friend Geoff. “Not bad thanks Geoff” I replied, grabbing two wine glasses. “The boys are in bed, and I’m about to enjoy a well deserved

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Proof Agile Doesn’t Work…

Whilst recently attending a networking event, I was asked what I do, to which I replied I’m an Agile & Lean consultant. Being this was not a software development related event, my response was met by blank faces; until one of the group I was speaking to (who I’ll call ‘John’ for the purpose of this post) commented that “agile

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The Mysterious Case of the ‘Agile’ Duck

My son will be 3 next month. And he’s currently at the stage of language development where he generalises. Which makes for some very interesting — sometimes embarrassing — moments. For example, whilst walking down the street the other day we saw an elderly man. And being the friendly type he is, my son waved to him and said “Hello

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