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The Subtle Difference Between ‘Doing’ and ‘Being’ Agile

I recently caught up with an old friend for a quick drink. A quick drink turned into a quick few more — then a quick few more, more! But who’s counting? I digress — back to the story. After a couple of drinks my friend started opening up about some personal stuff happening in his life. He was unhappy at

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Is Value More Important Than Velocity?

We’ve all heard the ‘promise’ that Agile done properly can result in reduced costs, higher quality and quicker times to market. But what exactly does it take to realise those benefits? And should managers/teams be focusing on velocity or business value delivered? In this video, Agile coach Jeff “Cheezy” Morgan shares a number of effective practices and strategies for cutting costs and delivering high

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Why Managers Should Stop Managing and Start Leading

Although companies might be having some success with Agile at the team level, scaling Agile at the enterprise level presents a new set of challenges – and therefore, requires a different approach. For example, whereas team dynamics and customer collaboration might be key at the delivery level,  leadership becomes a critical success (or failure) factor at the enterprise level. So

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Beyond Agile Software Development

You already know that Agile has revolutionised the software development industry — enabling companies to benefit from lower costs, higher quality and shorter times to market. But did you also know that organisations using Agile in other areas of their business (i.e. HR, legal, sales, marketing, accounting) are reporting higher retention rates, quicker returns on investment and higher profit margins? See that’s

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What was he thinking?

[heading centered=”no” margin_bottom=”no” large=”no” background=”yes”]What Was He Thinking?[/heading] Just as I was opening a bottle of wine, the phone rang. “Hello” I answered. “Hey Ade,” a voice responded at the other end, “How’s it going?” It was my friend Geoff. “Not bad thanks Geoff” I replied, grabbing two wine glasses. “The boys are in bed, and I’m about to enjoy a well deserved

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Is Your Corporate Culture a Good Fit for Agile?

“We must be informed and Agile during this time. Know who your customers are, know what they need, and be prepared to delight!” ~ Steve Denning In the book ‘Diffusion of Innovations‘ Everett Rogers provides a perspective of how, why and at what rate new ideas spread in society. According to Rogers, in order for new ideas to become self-sustainable,

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