Scrum Day London, May 2016

SCRUM DAY LONDON logo (1)Scrum Day London is the first event of its kind to be held in the United Kingdom. It will explore the need and demand for Agility across the private and public sector.


Theme: Business Agility Through Professional Scrum

Scrum Day London 2016 will be the inaugural conference organised by Akaditi.com in partnership with Advanced Product Development Ltd & Scrum.Org in London. The conference brings together an international community of Business Leaders, Senior Managers, Software Craftsmen and Scrum Professionals who wish to benefit from agile and scrum practices and ideas.

Experienced executives and practitioners from all disciplines will present information and insights that have meaning for you. Our delegates are receptive decision-makers and thought-leaders in their own communities. They are eager to explore new approaches to long-standing problems.

For more information and to book your tickets, visit: http://scrumdaylondon.com/


The Problem With ScrumMasters…

For a while now something has been bugging me…

Something to do with Scrum…

The “ScrumMaster” role to be exact.

But the problem I have is not with the role itself – having fulfilled it myself, I understand it’s intended value to the scrum process.

My problem is with the title.

And here’s why…

Although the word ‘master’ in ScrumMaster is intended to convey expertise in/authority over the scrum process, the word also has a relative meaning that implies the existence of a subordinate.

And that (in my opinion) is where the danger lies.

Because as you already know, where there is ambiguity, there is also room for misunderstanding. Read more