Deciding to ‘go Agile’ is often the first step in a number of — often challenging — subsequent steps.

Like the up-hill battles to convince management why the organisation should develop in this new way – and that in order to get the full benefits of Agile development an investment in new technology, such as automated testing and continuous integration, might be required; or getting your development team to understand that ‘user stories’ are more than just another format for writing requirements.

And let’s not forget the risk and uncertainty associated with working in an Agile way – how do you mitigate these?

In this short video, internationally acclaimed Agile expert and BDD (Behaviour Driven Development) creator Dan North shares some useful ideas for delivery successful Agile projects, including why organisations should aim to be more efficient instead of productive; how to get senior management buy-in to Agile projects; and the key to getting optimal results using BDD.

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