Never Put Off Until Tomorrow What You Can Do The Day After


A fundamental truth in life is that there’ll always be more to do than we’ll have time or money to do.


And although projects are (arguably) a part of life, some Project Managers/Customers/Clients still believe they can defy this fundamental truth by introducing Agile – and then using it as an excuse to make unrealistic demands from delivery teams/suppliers.

However, the goal of Agile is not to deliver everything that the customer wants…

…the goal of Agile is to deliver the most important things that’ll give the customer the greatest value and earliest return-on-investment. In so doing, Agile aligns with Pareto’s 80/20 Principal i.e 20% of the things we do will give us 80% of our results.

So with that in mind, the next time you’re faced with a set of requirements that do not fit within your projects times and/or budget constraints, prioritise the important ones for delivery now; and defer the least important ones until later.



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