Estimating and Planning Agile Projects

Regardless of whether your project is scheduled to be completed in a month or a year, a clear and well-defined plan is essential for delivering software or products on time and within budget. Despite the flexible and collaborative approach offered by Agile, estimates and plans remain critical for the timely and successful delivery of all projects.

Estimating and planning Agile projects is a whole team process – and to ensure estimates are as accurate as possible, all team members need to know what the latest agile estimating and planning techniques are, how to use them, and when.

The Estimating and Planning Agile Projects course is designed to provide you with comprehensive knowledge of how to estimate and plan Agile projects, regardless of size, complexity or domain Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to forecast project deliverables — and answer stakeholder questions such as “When can this be done?” and “How soon will the product be ready?” — with greater confidence.

 Course Overview and Learning Objectives  

    • Why traditional projects run late and over budget
    • The Agile approach to project planning
    • Tools and techniques for estimating Agile projects
    • Tracking and communicating progress on Agile projects
    • How to align Agile project milestones with strategic business objectives
    • Planning Agile projects to deliver highest business value
    • Additional Agile estimating and planning tips

 What You Get

    • Breakfast, lunch and refreshments throughout the day
    • Training from a recognised industry expert
    • Interactive Agile Estimating and Planning and exercises
    • Colour printed copies of all course material
    • Electronic copies of all course material and additional planning and estimating resources
    • Networking opportunities and lifetime access to private members content
    • 6 months post-training support through email and Skype
    • Agile Estimating and Planning Course Certificate
    • A signed copy of ‘Waterfall to Agile: A Practical Guide to Agile Transition’
    • 10% discount on all Agile Catalyst services

 Who’s this course for?

The Estimating and Planning Agile Projects course is ideally suited to Software/Product Developers, Testers, Business Analysts, Project Managers, Product Owners and anyone developing software or products using an Agile approach. This course is also a good fit for anyone who wants to learn additional techniques for more accurately estimating and planning Waterfall projects.

 Money Back Guarantee

We are confident that every attendee will take great benefit from the Estimating and Planning Agile Projects course, and in the unlikely event you are not completely satisfied we will issue you with a full refund. You’ll also be able to keep your course materials as a gesture of good will.