Beyond Agile Software Development

Hierarchy InfectionYou already know that Agile has revolutionised the software development industry — enabling companies to benefit from lower costs, higher quality and shorter times to market.

But did you also know that organisations using Agile in other areas of their business (i.e. HR, legal, sales, marketing, accounting) are reporting higher retention rates, quicker returns on investment and higher profit margins?

See that’s the thing about Agile…

Done correctly, it can successfully be applied to a wide range of domains.

Hence why Agile has now evolved beyond software development into areas as diverse as education, health care, Government, finances, manufacturing, engineering, product & hardware development – even family life. In fact, the list is endless!

One of the pioneers at the forefront of Agile’s evolution beyond software development is eXtreme Manufacturing creator, Joe Justice. Famous for using Agile and Scrum practices to build bespoke high performance, fuel efficient cars in 7 days (or less), Joe also works with some of the world’s largest defense contractors, the European Union and the world’s richest Oligarchs, helping them increase productivity and stabilise global economies using Scrum.

In this video, Joe explains what eXtreme Manufacturing is, and:

– Why the European Union is passing a new law to make all businesses in EU countries Agile

– Why the worlds wealthiest .001% are now managing their investment portfolio’s using Scrum

– Why world Governments and banks are ‘scruming’

– How schools are using Scrum to finish semesters 20% earlier and achieve 10% higher grades

– And more…

Having spent time building cars with Joe, I can tell you that Joe’s an inspiring, down-to-earth guy — and what he shares in this video is mind-blowing!

Have a watch — and feel free to share your thoughts below.

(This interview was recorded at the Agile Development and Better Software Conference West 2014, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. For more information on upcoming SQE conferences, visit:

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