Why the Agile enterprise must be an innovation network…

As an agile coach, I find that organisations often have a narrow and constrained view of where agility ought to be practiced. They frequently see it as an IT thing, where development teams must optimise their way-of-working to deliver value more quickly and cheaply. In truth of course, if agility is to be attained then it must be enterprise-wide and not just focused on technical delivery.

The idea of what constitutes stakeholder value in the first place that must be open to challenge, and acknowledged to be ever-changing and emergent. The ability to deal with that change in a measured and managed fashion is where true agility lies. It isn’t just about delivering localised efficiencies, where the wrong thing might be built at less cost; it’s about building the right thing at the right time, inspecting and adapting progress in a controlled way, so that uncertainty is both expected and managed.

In short, organisational agility is really about how to be innovative at enterprise scale.

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